Bridgeport Coalition United to Reach Equity

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NEWS UPDATE: Bridgeport is a Tier 1 Winner of the Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge.

Recognition: The East End NRZ pop-up market and café has re-inspired a community and has built community cohesion through engaging those most isolated about their ability to affect their own health outcomes, leading toward a neighborhood-led community space that promotes entrepreneurship and reduces food insecurity. 

*Listen to the HC&CC Winners podcast episode with Deborah Thomas-Sims, Kristin duBay Horton, and Deborah Caviness from the Bridgeport Coalition United to Reach Equity project.

“It brings economic development into the community. [The Pop-up Market] is bringing children together as they are learning how to build and work together. But it’s also bringing community partners together who live here, and I think for this to sustain itself, it has to have people involved in the community.” – Marilyn Moore, State Senator of Connecticut

Location: Bridgeport, Connecticut, population 147,629

The Problem: Adults and adolescents are consuming less than five servings of fruits and vegetables daily and many adults are food insecure.

Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Approach: Bridgeport Coalition United to Reach Equity, or CURE, is a project designed to help the poor residents of Bridgeport. Neighborhood Revitalization Zone members, the food policy council and community members and leaders, have identified the need for a grocery store and living wage jobs in their community. This project will address many issues such as violence prevention, access to healthy foods and job training and will bring together inter-generational groups in the East End Market. Midway through the Challenge, Bridgeport was awarded the Spotlight Award. Learn more about the interim award. 

Among some recent happenings, a new community garden helped support the East End Pop-Up Market and Cafe, which won a community impact award, and a local celebrity chef helped show youth how to turn produce into healthy, delicious meals.

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chef making salad with kids  mayor surrounded by smiling youth  

Deborah Thomas Sims smiling with community impact award

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