Deerfield Beach, Florida

Map of Florida showing Deerfield FLIPANPopulation: 267,503
Project focus: Access to foods that support healthy eating patterns

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By strategically connecting new and existing community leaders, FLIPANY (Florida Introduces Physical Activity and Nutrition to Youth), with Deerfield Beach Middle School and Nova Southeastern University, aims to achieve goals already identified by the Youth and Parent Advisory Board of their Healthy Student-Healthy Community (HSHC) team.

The project strives to bring students, staff and families from schools within Deerfield Beach together to improve access to better quality foods. The team will develop a Food Recovery and School Pantry Program and replace water fountains with water bottle filling stations at the Deerfield Beach Middle School. The overarching goal of this team is to build on the success of preexisting initiatives and engage youth leaders to support other local schools and districts that want to address student health needs through youth leadership. Deerfield Beach’s unique initiative vividly demonstrates how today’s youth can bring together local and regional health resources/services through meaningful engagement! 


  • All families in Deerfield Beach have access to affordable fruits and vegetables
  • All students in Deerfield Beach drink more water, and fewer sugary drinks
  • Provide families by which to communicate ideas to local leaders in order to impact health-related policies and systems within their community