The reports on this page synthesize information from the semi-annual progress reports submitted by all 20 HCCC grantees. If you want to know more about a specific HCCC community, please visit their individual project page and view their project snapshot for background information and specific accomplishments.

report cover, HCCC HIGHLIGHTS, January - June 2021*NEW* HCCC Highlights Report 2 of 4

The 20 Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge communities have found ways to successfully grow their partnerships and raise awareness about solutions in their communities related to accessing food and health services, even after launching in the middle of a pandemic. Despite the unique challenges of this moment, all 20 communities have achieved exciting developments in recent months.

The new HCCC Highlights Report (PDF) provides an overview of accomplishments, success stories and lessons learned during the second reporting period, which took place from January to June 2021. These findings are synthesized from interim reports submitted by each grantee in July 2021.

During this six-month period, HCCC grantees: 

  • Doubled the number of attendees at community convenings: Grantees used these opportunities to keep their communities informed about their work and shared leadership and decision-making power with individuals with lived experience.
  • Engaged 396 partner organizations across 20 communities: Project teams broke down barriers to advance common goals with local government agencies and officials, schools, faith-based organizations, academic institutions, farmers, food system partners, and health systems.
  • Added 60 new food access points and 5 new health services access points: Communities added food pantries, meal distribution sites and health hubs to reach 252,215 individuals with foods that support healthy eating patterns, 262 individuals with health services and 14,248 individuals with education or support services.

They also identified successful approaches for changing systems in communities and began to:

  • Shift organizational policies and practices to establish consistent meetings and clear agreements with partners, food procurement and distribution processes that align with community needs and fair compensation mechanisms for community members. 
  • Make authentic connections with partners through transparency about goals and challenges, sharing funding, pooling data and information, offering and inviting expertise, connecting partners with each other and establishing referral systems.
  • Draw connections between local conditions and individual needs to support people and organizations in understanding diverse perspectives and root causes of health disparities and show them how they can contribute to solutions.

Read the full report to learn more about how the HCCC communities are improving access to food and health services, and to gain access to recommendations from the Challenge team for funders and TA providers engaged in similar work, or view an executive summary (PDF). 

report cover, HCCC HIGHLIGHTS, July - December 2020

HCCC Highlights Report 1 of 4

The report (PDF) gives an overview of food access and health services wins as well as other takeaways from July to December 2020. Read about achievements during the peak months of the pandemic, as well as preliminary lessons from our Challenge communities.