Paterson, New Jersey

Patterson New Jersey on map of statePopulation: 267,503
Project focus: Access to foods that support healthy eating patterns

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United Way of Passaic County, with the 32 members of the Passaic County Food Policy Council, is fighting to address the health needs of Paterson by creating greener neighborhoods that promote physical activity and increasing access to foods that support healthy eating patterns.

The goal of this project is to come together to push for system and policy changes in Paterson. The team will advocate for healthy food policies at local schools, federal school meals to be expanded to out-of-school time and new community gardens to increase local food production. A resident-informed Blueprint for Action and a foundation of successful collaborative work guides the team’s goals and strategies to address Paterson’s food needs. We are thrilled to watch the county’s cross-sector leadership teams and strategies support their diverse community!


  • Expand summer meals and after school dinner programs in the City of Paterson.
  • Adopt healthy food procurement practices at institutions such as Paterson Public Schools
  • Expand community gardens in the City of Paterson

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