Wilkes County, North Carolina

North Carolina map pinpointing Wilkes County and The Health Foundation, Inc. Population: 68,557
Project focus: Access to foods that support healthy eating patterns

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The Health Foundation, Inc., with Wilkes Health and Wilkes Community Partnership for Children, form the Wilkes Healthy Action Team to address Wilkes County’s health and safety needs through cross-sector, community-informed work.

This team plans to actively build out their diverse coalition to create programs that address food access, reduce barriers to foods that promote health and meet people where they gather or live. They will apply a human-centered design approach and novel strategies to expand their mobile market, provide and enhance food benefits, and address the food needs in childcare centers. These transformative methods will drive change within the county throughout the two years of this project!


  • Engage the community to develop policy, system, and environmental changes needed to enhance healthful eating 
  • Remove barriers that prohibit people from accessing healthy foods including transportation, cost, and knowledge of food preparation

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