Forsyth County, Georgia

Population: 236,612
Project focus: Access to health services

Forsyth County Government, with Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, Forsyth County Information Systems and Technology, and Avita Community Partners, has formed a robust collaborative approach to respond to increased rates of calls to police and arrests linked to untreated mental health needs.

Currently, jails serve as the primary provider of mental health services; this initiative seeks to change that. The team plans to improve coordination between agencies and organizations, build community awareness to reduce stigma and change established practices. They also want to work closely to close gaps for people with mental illness and/or substance use disorders who are involved in the criminal justice system. This will primarily be done through data-driven decisions that will highlight how to best serve those with serious mental illness and substance use issues. Building a system to share data that will improve coordination between agencies and providers is both tactical and innovative and we are ready to see how Forsyth County brings this project to life!