Greenbrier County, West Virginia

Greenbier County, WV Greenbier County Health Alliance Population: 35,279
Project focus: Access to foods that support healthy eating patterns
Access to health services

Greenbrier County Health Alliance, with The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine – Center for Rural and Community Health, Robert C. Byrd Clinic, Rainelle Medical Center, Greenbrier County Commission, Meadow River Valley Early Childhood Learning Center, WVU Greenbrier County Extension Service, West Virginia University Office of Health Services Research and Fruits of Labor, Inc., will distribute mini-grants and support community members to develop resident-led actions that address community needs related to accessing food and health services.

The team plans to support the growth of a community hub that will address the county’s needs and foster a new, strong, and lasting connection between local agricultural institutions and residents and strengthen clinic-community connections. The community hub will provide early childhood development services, community meeting spaces, and a food distribution site. They will also serve community meals and improve local access to food that supports health. A community-specific survey will lead the team to better understand experiences, challenges, and solutions around accessing foods and health care services. This survey will complement the mini-grant strategy by engaging residents in the development of solutions that address the needs expressed in the survey. The projects emphasis on the concepts of civic engagement and grassroots leadership has made us thrilled to see what is to come in Greenbrier County!

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