New Brunswick, New Jersey

New Brunswick, NJ Elijah's Promise Population: 57,073
Project focus: Access to foods that support healthy eating patterns

Elijah’s Promise, with partners in youth services and education, will build on the community’s past success in food-related community initiatives and engage new partners and youth leaders to help identify community needs.

This novel initiative will work to launch a paid internship program for New Brunswick high school students called “Your Food, Your Choice.” The internships will train students in justice-based advocacy and civic action and enable them to become active participants in efforts to improve the school district’s food system. Students will lead projects, such as school food waste and recovery, food and nutrition education, and a school garden program. They’ll also have the opportunity to delve into their creative minds and implement their own projects. New Brunswick’s work will showcase the importance of youth leadership in tackling some the county’s most pressing needs!