Live Healthy Little Havana

NEWS UPDATE: Miami is a Spotlight Award Winner!

Recognition: Live Healthy Little Havana is strengthening their community by responding to health needs the residents identified such as physical activity and walkability. Their process focuses on their residents to both understand and champion the initiatives to in order to make their community healthier.

People on a group bike ride

“Bringing events like this to our community engages and inspires our residents to get active and engaged. It brings a sense of community, pride and positive family time.” - Raissa Fernandez, President, Brickell Kidz Bus/Resident, Co-Chair, Live Healthy Little Havana

Location: Miami, Florida, population 441,003

The Problem: Adult residents are not meeting moderate weekly physical activity recommendations and are reporting a low city Walk Score.

calle 8Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Approach: Live Healthy Little Havana is a project funded by the Health Foundation of South Florida and coordinated by the City of Miami. Live Healthy Little Havana will strengthen the community’s ability to plan and execute programs that will improve health in an area that is home to over 73,000 residents, 44 percent of whom report having no health insurance. Live Healthy Little Havana will work to foster policy and systematic changes, as well as changes in the local environment. The program will also work with the housing, transportation and education sectors to bring some long-lasting solutions and resources to the community.

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