Community Efforts to Increase Consumption of Locally Grown Fresh Foods

NEWS UPDATE: Waco-McLennan County is a Spotlight Award Winner

Recognition: The Waco Health District and partner organizations are hosting community nutrition education sessions with community health workers to create awareness and access of fresh local produce. Their Mobile Farmer's Market program is empowering local vendors and spreading the word, street by street.

woman serves plates of food

“The Healthy Soul Food Cooking Demonstration has been an eye-opening opportunity for me over the years!  To learn how to make healthier southern foods such as collards, sweet potato pie, and chicken gumbo has assisted my family members in lowering our cholesterol and making better choices at the grocery store.”  – An attendee of the Healthy Soul Food education session.

Location: Waco-McLennan County, Texas, population 378,027

The Problem: Poor nutrition habits play a significant role in chronic disease risk, more specifically obesity. Results from the McLennan County community survey revealed three zip codes within the county with increased rates of obesity.  

veggie vanHealthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Approach: The project will help residents in these three zip codes to more easily access and eat healthy foods by promoting current resources of fresh and locally grown food, hosting nutrition education sessions, and utilizing community health workers to connect residents to resources as well as providing fresh produce delivery.

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