Leveraging Partnerships Built Through the Comprehensive Plan

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NEWS UPDATE: Chatham County is a Tier 1 Runner-Up of the Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge

Recognition: The Chatham County with partners Chatham Health Alliance has embedded health into the county's 25-year Comprehensive Plan, outlining a new approach to track community health trends, and promote collaboration and resource sharing among county offices to achieve a healthy, equitable community for all.

“As we looked into the county’s needs as a whole, health emerged as its own component complimenting the other elements of the plan and offering additional insight into partnerships.” – A member of the Chatham County Planning Department

Location: Chatham County, North Carolina, population 70,928

The Problem: Adults over the age of 18 are consuming less than five servings of fruits and vegetables each day, and report low levels of physical activity.

Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge Approach: Chatham County Public Health Department and Chatham Health Alliance are working on a multilevel initiative to target obesity, the leading health issue identified in the area. These two entities, along with numerous stakeholders, will draft a Comprehensive Plan that is localized and unique to Chatham County residents and will include a "health in all policies" approach to encourage health behaviors in numerous aspects of life in Chatham County. Midway through the Challenge, Chatham County was awarded the Spotlight Award. Learn more about the interim award

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